On Tap


At Beer Lab HI, we constantly rotate our taps.  Check back regularly for our current tap list.

Zacca Zacca
The Berto
Tart de France
 31 IBU, 5.5 ABV

Pale Ale Brewed with Azacca, Blanc & Columbus Hops

19 IBU, 5.6 ABV

Malty with a Smokey Finish

8 IBU, 5.9 ABV

Don the Yellow Jersey

Moo Stout
Ollie IPA
27 IBU, 4.7 ABV

Udderly Sessionable

73 IBU, 7.1 ABV

Like a Baby’s Bottom – Fresh & Danky

 55 IBU, 8.0 ABV

Blanc, Eureka!, Citra, Columbus

24 Kölsch Magic
Lilikoi Le‘a
White Flag Saison
20 IBU, 5.8 ABV

With Caco and Coffee, Served on Nitro

 8 IBU, 6.4 ABV

Bursting Passion

 23 IBU, 6.0 ABV


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