Green Matter

38 IBU, 5.5 ABV
Pale Ale w/ Columbus, Chinook, Centenial, Cascade, Loral hops

Vog Punch

22 IBU 5.3 ABV
New England Style Pale Ale

The Hatch

37 IBU, 5.8 ABV
Pale Ale w/ Spelt Malt & Equinox Hops

Zacca Zacca

31 IBU, 5.5 ABV
Pale Ale Brewed with Azacca, Blanc & Columbus Hops

Rye-Chu Pale Ale

35 IBU, 5.9 ABV
I Choose You!

Matsu Pale Ale

35 IBU, 5.2 ABV
Pines in Yo’ Face

Experimental Pale Ale**

35 IBU, 5.4 ABV
East Coast style Trois Featuring Matsu Pale Ale

Golden Plate

37 IBU, 5.5 ABV
East Coast Style Pale Ale

Rye Pale Ale

40 IBU, 5.9 ABV
Cascade & Simcoe Hops Galore!

East Coast Pale Ale**

50 IBU, 5.9 ABV
A hoppy east coast style pale ale brewed with a Vermont ale yeast


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