Take a tour of Beer Lab HI’s brewery at our Waipio location. Each tour is 45 mins and will end with a tasting flight. You will be guided throughout the brewing process by focusing on a specific beer. The tour is welcome to all ages, however to participate in the beer tasting, you must be 21+.

During the tour, you will be walking through part of our brewing area. For your safety, we recommend closed toe shoes.


Join Beer Lab HI’s Head Brewer Eulerson Pajimula and further hone your beer tasting senses at our Sensory Training Workshop.  Identify what you are feeling, tasting, and smelling while drinking beer. Expand your vocabulary to describe and identify key specific flavors and aromas found in beer.  Each workshop is focused on a different ingredient or sense to explore.

Workshops will be 90 minutes long, and includes a flight and guided tasting.  All participants must be 21+.