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Beretania Poke


Welcome to Beer Lab Beretania

We brought together a few of our favorite things... Beer and Poke.  Join us at our newest beer garden in town and try some of our very own poke. 

Please park in front lot in front of brewery. 

Street Parking - Free on Beretania Street after 6pm.

1318 S. Beretania St.

Honolulu, HI 96814

(808) 888-0500

Monday   2pm - 10pm

Tuesday   2pm - 10pm

Wednesday   2pm - 10pm

Thursday   2pm - 10pm

Friday   2pm - 10pm

Saturday   11am - 10pm

Sunday   11am - 7pm

No fees for table reservations!

Private Events/Large Reservations

Rental Availability - any day of the week and all hours. 
Food -Poke and pupu counter is available. Outside food may be brought in.
Maximum Private Event Capacity - 150 ppl

Maximum reservation size - 25ppl


Check out our food option for your party of 10 or more!

whats on tap

Beres Food Menu 1.1.24.jpg
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