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Sour puff pearls
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For the first time, the Beer Lab HI taprooms are facing off in a Best of Beer Lab battle. 


Vote for your favorite beer and see who will take home the glory at our 7th Anniversary Celebration on March 4.  

All beers will be available on tap and in crowlers at all Beer Lab locations starting on Feb 24, while supplies last. 


Voting will close on March 2.  

University Crowler-01.jpg



Our insiration for the the salted honey pie brown ale came after trying the pie from a neighborhood coffee shop in Manoa Valley.  

THE PIE was delicious... too delicious.  We were overpowered with flavor and seemingly possed to finish this magic pie in one sitting. We channeled all of our pie magic into the Ewok Mud Pie. Drink with caution...

Salted Honey Pie Brown Ale

6% ABV

Pearlridge Crowler-01.jpg




We at The Hall decided on a flavor familiar to all of us, passion orange guava. Sour Puff Pearls is reminiscent of the good ol hana bada days where our “pau hana” came in the form of frozen fruit juice in a plastic cup. We wanted our beer to be a fruity bangah of flavor, yet a refreshing slow and steady sipper.  Cheers to a childhood favorite!

Passion Fruit , Orange, Guava Imperial Sour 

10% ABV

Waipio Crowler-01.jpg



Yuzu Snooze Yuzu Lose is a unique beer with a focus on drinkability.  Something that'll keep you a little warm during the cooler, rainy Hawaiian winter months.  Yuzu Snooze, Yuzu Lose is our take on a malty British winter warmer with generous amounts of yuzu.  Imagine a piece of toasted bread with a delightful yuzu jam.  Cheers!

Yuzu Winter Warmer

6.5% ABV

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