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n. The study or practice of fermentation in brewing, winemaking, or distilling


The Dept. of Zymurgy is our creative department for all things fermented.  


Source ingredients for your beer is difficult, when you're brewing in paradise.  Our goal is to make beer ingredients more accessible to homebrewers on the island.  

Homebrewers may order select malts, hops and yeasts from our online store for pick up at our Waipio Brewery.

Orders for Dept of Zymurgy require 2 days advance notice (in most cases).  Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email.  When our team has finished assembling your order, you will receive another notification email.  

Happy Brewing!


DoZ Tote



Milled or Un Milled


T90 Pellets

Ingredient Kits Available

for 5 gal brew days

Kit Includes:

Ingredient kit recipes will rotate regularly. 


This month we are featuring a Hazy IPA recipe

Beer Lab Salami


In 2019, we were left with an empty fermentation room at our University location.  So what did we do next?  We began experimenting with curing salami. 


Working with the Department of Health, we found that we were the first place in Hawaii to cure their own meats.  A whole bunch of experimentation later, we started to make some pretty beer worthy salami.  

Our salamis are made in small 45lb batches and the recipe includes a beer that we have on tap.  Each batch takes a minimum of 30 days to age.  

Salami is currently available at our University location and coming soon to our other locations!

Read the story published in Honolulu Magazine!


pickled vEG


The perfect compliment to our Beer Lab Salami is our Beer Lab Veg.  

Our Veg, aka. pickles are made with as many local vegetables as possible.  The pickle brine and Veg may change so come back to check our the new recipe!

Available at University and Waipio locations.

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